GeneralВ соответствии с прейскурантом.
ServicesTo travel to Russia you need a visa. Russian entry visa is issued at the Embassy or Consulate of the Russian Federation on the territory of Your country on the basis of confirmation of acceptance of a foreign tourist and a tourist voucher. If You need visa support, please let this when booking.
InternetThroughout the hotel wireless Internet is available via Wi-Fi. Now You are always in touch with Your family and friends.
ServicesMetallurg hotel has everything you need for business meetings. Square meeting room - 35 sq m meeting room equipped with comfortable sofas, a conference table. Wi-Fi (WI-Fi) Internet.
ServicesIf You need to send documents or goods anywhere in the country or the world, just let us know at reception. The rest we will take care of itself.
ТрансферЗаказ такси в любой день 24 часа в сутки.